Products & Sponsorship

There is something for everyone at The Cake Festival: bakers, millers, manufacturers, banks, beverages companies, education institutions, equipment, tourism, counties, media, telephone and communication,  children, adults, young adults to name just but a few. Trust us there is a unique component in the Cake Festival that will meet your specific objectives and expectations.  

We have the following opportunities 

1. Adopting The Cake Festival Sponsorship Category 

2. Adopting the Juniors in the Kitchen Category

3. Taking up an exhibition stand 

4.  Baking Banda - Adopting a baker for Live baking demo 

5. Product Placement & Use during Baking Extravaganza Shows

6. Bakers Forum

7. Product samples 

8. East Africa Baking Summit

Talk to us to be part of the next event in June 2020!

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