Fruits, Fruit Fillings, Glazes, Jellies & Toppings

Fruits, fruits fillings are widely used in the baking industry to flavour, decorate, fill cakes and desserts.

You can get quality products from the following products from the following specialty companies:

Delifruit Classics – Fruit fillings with upto 70% fruit

Flavours Available : Blueberry, Sour Dark Cherry, Strawberry, Raspberry, blackcurrant, blackberry, Tradition Apple (90% fruit) and Fruit of the Forest (5 berries in one)

Shelf Life : 24 Months            Packaging : Tray (3 tins X2.7kg)



Decorgels – Ready to use Cold glazes

 Types available: Neutral, White, Cocoa & Neutral Glamour (With silver pieces)

 Shelf life: 24 Months Packaging: Tray (3 tins X 3.15kg)


Pipping Jelly – Neutral

Piping Jelly is an unflavoured paste specially designed for cake decorations. It has an ideal texture for writing on cakes with a piping bag. Piping jelly can be coloured into different colours which allow you to create all kinds of fancy decorations.


Toppings – Ready to use sauces

Product Description: Silky fruit flavour sauces to top your ice-creams, yoghurts, milkshakes, desserts or puddings.

Types Available: Kiwi , Raspberry & Strawberry Glamour (With Silver pieces)

Packaging: Box (6 Bottles X 1kg)


 These Fruit fillings and other Dawn  Foods products are available at

Skypex Supplies Ltd

Winsford Park, Block B2

Babadogo Road, Ruaraka

Nairobi – Kenya

0735 610504 / 020 268 0819 / 0734 077 575

Mobile: 0726 610504


You can also get broad range of fruit fillings from the newly opened Zeelandia East Africa.

Zeelandia also stocks

Concentrated Hot Glaze

  1. Ready to use hot glaze spray
  2. Cold glaze mirior
  3. Jams

 And many more essential baking products



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