What to expect

1. A gallery of art and cakes by professionals and amateur bakers. There will be various exciting competitions and judging will be through voting by members of the public. Voting will be done on the basis of creativity and use of theme colours. 

2. All participants/ Guests will receive a magazine bearing the ground map, a program and a run through of all the events happening at each booth. This will enable them to identify what will be happening at each booth and at what times. Guests can also head directly to the booth of their choice. We will also include a profile of the participating bakers as well as some favorite cake and dessert recipes! 

3. Guests sampling the cakes and desserts, soft drinks and beverages at the various booths. 

4. Guests visiting our sponsors’ and exhibitor’s stands to engage with their products and services. 

5. Live demonstrations by bakers at the “Baking Banda” where some of the cakes/ dessert items will be “completed”/ “dressed” on site while the guests watch.

6. Fun activities including water sliding, horse riding, mini football, play station, beach 

Volley ball and bumper car racing amongst others for the young ones, while the adults can enjoy a game of pool and some live band entertainment.

7. Award giving to the winning bakers in the four competing categories

8. Cake raffle give¬away session where attending guests get to win cakes through a raffle draw on the filling of feedback questionnaires and Edumed information questions.

Сачак (Ламперия) http://www.emsien3.com/sachak от ЕМСИЕН-3
Дюшеме http://www.emsien3.com/дюшеме от EMSIEN-3

  • Think of it as acres and acres of cake - That's the Cake Festival

  • What hits you first is the dazzling displays...

  • ...intricate designs

  • ...that accommodate all tastes and hobbies

  • ...innovative themes that capture your imagination

  • ...some that look too good to eat

  • So take a look around

  • See what the professionals got cooking this year

  • It's the one day you won't hear mum say, "That's enough cake for today!"

  • Industry veterans, students, professionals, amateurs...all get to showcase their cake skills

  • Take pictures to show off to all those unfortunate fellows who missed it...but there's always next year, right?

  • Not forgetting chow time...

  • A good appetite is definitely an asset here

  • Eat so much cake that you see double! Just kidding, they're actually twins!

  • Watch the next Jason Dunford sneak a bite of cake between laps

  • Meet colorful characters...like Little Miss Muffin

  • Meanwhile, the judges will go about seeing who is THE Cake Master of 2013

  • Plenty of music from the industry's best, too

  • Cake Festival? Wouldn't miss it for the world!